despite being “a small-town guy” and below average at spoken/written english, this page reveals:​

How a Small-Town Guy Stopped his Dream Job, Became a Successful Affiliate Marketer, Paid of his Father's Debt and Travelled 21 Countries.

And- For Ambitious People With Big Dreams & Courage To Work Hard For Those Dreams,
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Blogger since 2011

Kulwant Nagi

From: Kulwant Nagi- Founder, Speaker, Blogger, Affiliate Marketer and YouTuber.

Place: Fatehabad, Haryana


Kulwant Nagi here…

Listen my friend, you may or may not have heard of affiliate marketing. But the first thing about affiliate marketing that I can tell you is:

It changed my life.

On this page, I want to share with you my story- where I come from, how I discovered affiliate marketing, and the results that I got with it.

I’ll also touch on the overall idea of affiliate marketing– in case you’re someone who is absolutely not aware of it.

And if you’re absolutely serious about taking your life to the next level, making the money you deserve and get a better quality life- you’ll also be interested in my course that I have to offer you today.

Lets begin…

My “study abroad” dream was crushed, permanently that day…

I’ve studied in a government school.

I’ve had those days when I would look at people speaking English,

and I would think that they are aliens- I could only dream of speaking english.

But I didn’t give up. I worked hard, practiced through the years, learned English, and scored really well in my IELTS. I even got offers from 6 international universities on partial scholarship.

But even after scholarship – we couldn’t afford the education and living expenses in the US.

We applied for loan. The bank refused. 

that was the day when we (our family members) didn’t even look into each others eyes- because of mixed emotions of awkwardness & sadness.

My father was almost in tears when he told me that he really wants to send me abroad, but we can’t afford it. I then enrolled in a college in Haryana and continued with my engineering education. 

and my job was so monotonous that…

So after my graduation,

I decided to come to Gurgaon. My father gave me Rs 30k – telling me that this is all the money we have – I have to live, survive – and build a career out of this money.

I was all by myself.

I started working in a call center, getting paid Rs 12.5k/mo.

my job was so monotonous & tiring- I felt that happiness & joy had been sucked out of my life. 

As I thought about the next 5, 10, 20 years & more…

I looked at the mirror, and wondered-

“is this all that I can accomplish? Is my KISMAT really that KHARAB?”

Deep inside, I knew something had to be done. 

Because sometimes, you can’t rely on destiny, planets, fate etc- you have to MAKE DECISION & TAKE ACTION – in the moment. 

And I did that too…

and my job was so monotonous that…

I had no idea what I want to do- but I clearly knew what NOT TO DO – my dead-end boring job. 🙂 

I was inclined towards doing something online. I saw lots of people in and outside of India who had established successful careers, making money online with their laptop. 

I wanted to do the same, travel the world, live my life! 

the stressful start of my “make money online” journey:

oh God,

when I stared looking at ways of making money online, my mind was overwhelmed.

There were so many ways of making money- hundreds of ways literally! And there were so many different concepts, principles, strategies & tactics in each of the business models.

In basically every business, I realized that I need to master lots of things like-

=> social media, advertising, product creation, market research, create multiple products, take care of shipping & handling, manager customer support & satisfaction, and expand by hiring people etc.

I was swimming in the vast sea of information- THE INTERNET, with no structured knowledge, help and guidance.

it was truly stressful.

I spent nights awake, thinking about what I want to do in the next phase of my life.

and then I learned about AFFILIATE MARKETING.

Something really sparked inside of me, and I said- “this is what I want to do!”

lets talk more about that.

10 Reasons why I "instantly" fell in LOVE with Affiliate Marketing

Oh wait- for beginners- what is affiliate marketing?

well, an affiliate marketer sells products/services and earns commissions using digital marketing- mostly using his/her laptop & internet- without the hassle of traditional business that involves door to door selling, phone calls, meetings etc.

Affiliate Marketing is the best vehicle for those who aspire to “make money online”. My 10 reasons of loving affiliate marketing:

  • I don’t need to create/innovate/manufacture products. 
    because I’m selling someone else’s hot selling product. That being said, this is an ONLINE BUSINESS, so this eliminates all the stress of shipping, handling etc. 
  • No customer support & drama. 
    the company that offers the product handles the customers! While the affiliates get paid to bring customers.  So, no “chik-chik/jhik-jhik”, LOL!
  • No office space/infra needed. 
    I work from my home- especially when I started. Some of the top affiliates work sitting on their beds, lying in boxers LOL. Me? – I setup my office as I grew my business more & more
  • No Education Qualification/Marketing Experience Needed 
    You don’t need an MBA to become an affiliate. And some of my friends in the industry who have an MBA – tell me that they learned nothing worthwhile in their formal education. Running an online business like affiliate marketing requires different skillsets 
  • Covid Proof (thank GOD!)
    During the peak of Covid in 2020, while the offline businesses shut down, the affiliate marketers made a fortune. Because this is completely online. Demand for affiliates is going up every year. Every other company needs affiliates!
  • Highly Scalable!
    Sky is the limit here. An offline business like a restaurant, retail etc can only serve in its vicinity. As an affiliate, you can sell a variety of products to a global audience of billions of people. Think of it like a large ocean- you can take out as much water as you want. The ocean won’t get tired!
  • Investment Needed is next to nothing.– there are multiple ways of growing your affiliate marketing business. You can do free marketing or paid advertising. A restaurant or a traditional business requires tens of lakhs – even before the business starts. With affiliate-you need some tiny expenses like domain, hosting etc. We teach you all that in our course. 

I felt like I had stumbled upon an income vehicle of my dream! Deep inside I knew that affiliate marketing can help me fulfill my dream of becoming a world traveler! And for a person like me, it was perfect!

But DAMN! the struggle didn't stop...

It wasn’t easy at all…

next few months were full of endless struggle. I was taking action, I was working hard, I had sleepless nights…but for some reason, I wasn’t getting any results. I didn’t even make a single rupee.

and then I realized a BIG MISTAKE that I was making:

I didn’t invest in myself. I didn’t learn from experts!

and, I corrected that immediately.

I started investing in courses by experts. I surrounded myself with like-minded people.

I realized that my intelligence had got me to where I am today. And to go to the next level, I needed to have mentors.

Having mentors allowed me to cut-short my learning curve, and help me achieve results FASTER!

FINALLY, it WORKED! I made my first commission:

I remained consistent!

I REALLY put in the effort, worked hard, implemented a lot of things, tweaked, tested & optimized a whole lot of things! and then,

I made my first commission! And then the second, third & beyond…


I remained consistent!

I REALLY put in the effort, worked hard, implemented a lot of things, tweaked, tested & optimized a whole lot of things! and then,

I made my first commission! And then the second, third & beyond…

Scaling Up | Traveling The World #DreamLife

Within 1-2 years,I was continuously making $8000-$10,000/month recurring affiliate commissions from all my sources.

I paid off my father’s debt. And then, it was time to make my dreams come true: TRAVELING!

While most of my friends were going to their 9-5 jobs, here’s a glimpse of what I was doing:

Inspiring others- through speaking on stages, news & media

Soon after that,

I started getting invitations to speak in various marketing-related events.

I was recognized as one of the top bloggers & affiliate marketers in India. I even spoke internally as well!

Got featured in Hindustan Times

Aso featured on..

Whatever your hopes, dreams, aspirations are…

I know it’s possible with affiliate marketing. If a guy like me can make it happen, so can you.

After I succeeded, tons of people kept asking me for advice. I realized that people can do REALLY WELL if given the right coaching & mentoring.

which is why, I decided to put together a short course and a workshop to help you get started and take off like a ROCKET!

It's my MISSION to help 1,00,000 people in India to achieve success with affiliate marketing.

There’s abundance, the market is HOT, and the demand for good affiliates is really high. 

So, here we go: 

That’s why I decided to Create..

Affiliate Marketing Blueprint

learn how to kickstart your affiliate journey in 3 days, even if you're a beginner

here’s my intention behind this course: 

  • to teach you step by step how I started and grew my affiliate income over the last 7+ years 
  • to teach you the most up to date, cutting edge concepts & strategies
  • to give you an “inside look” of how top affiliates run their game
  • to compress my learnings that I got after spending lakhs & lakhs of rupees
  • and to do all this, REALLY SHORT time

Here's What you'll Learn Inside:

  • Basics- how affiliate marketing works
  • Affiliate marketing MINDSET (remember- that’s the MOST important key)
  • How to do affiliate marketing with Youtube 
  • How to do affiliate marketing with Instagram
  • How to do affiliate marketing with Facebook
  • How to do affiliate marketing with Google 
  • How to do affiliate marketing with Emails
  • Finding your money making niche (and mistakes to avoid)
  • Finding the HOTTEST products to promote
  • Identifying the income potential of products
  • How to position yourself and become a brand
  • Designing your affiliate blog
  • best affiliate marketing tools

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What Students Are Saying About This Course

Its your VACCINE against the MEGA-WAVE

it took one tiny virus to make MILLIONs of people all over the world realise that there’s no “security” in a job,

like they were promised. anything can happen anytime. are you vaccinated?

affiliate marketing, if done properly- can make you your own boss.

even at the peak of Covid, me & my students were unaffected by it. It didn’t affect our business. Why? Because Its a online business 🙂

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FINALLY, you can make “Sharma Ji Ka Ladka” IRRELEVANT

I don’t know about you but I learned nothing from the traditional education system. 

Crores of kids while growing up are compared to other kids– on the basis of marks.

I say- screw all that. 

Own your freedom, build your affiliate marketing business! 

I built my UNIQUE IDENTITY by stepping out of this RACE of marks, and then a corporate career etc. 

I’m different. 

If you “feel this” too, you’re different too! We’ll have a great time together.

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Do YOU make this BIG MISTAKE too?:

My journey of growing my career over the last 7 years have taught me one thing. Time again, I’ve heard mentors & experts talk about this as well.

and that is: investing in YOURSELF.

Most people don’t invest in themselves, but here’s where they spend their money:

  • junk food – pizza, burgers etc- that spoils health

  • entertainment– Netflix, Prime etc– time waste today, guilt tomorrow

  • utilities– I get that- phone recharge etc.

  • commute– petrol, gas, auto-rickshaw etc.

which is okay, but its good to invest in yourself as well. This is the time!

Your financial life is ALSO your necessity, isn’t it?

If you continue to think like you’ve always thought, you’ll continue to get what you’ve always gotChange the way you think!

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This is what the FUTURE looks like...

Tony Robbins says – it is in the moment of decision that our destiny is shaped!

My question is- what FUTURE are you creating?

Taking Action Today

Failing to take action today

GET Started Your Journey Today!

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